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#Artist nameTrack titleTime 
31311Sunset in July00:03:32
32311Creatures (For a While)00:04:06
33311Beautiful Disaster00:03:56
34311Don't Tread On Me00:03:04
35311Hey You00:03:51
37311I'll Be Here a While00:03:25
38311You Wouldn't Believe00:03:38
394 Non BlondesWhat's Up00:04:08
4054-40Ocean Pearl00:03:23
4154-40Blue Sky00:04:00
4354-40Casual Viewin'00:04:16
4454-40Nice to Luv You00:04:18
4554-40Love You All00:04:24
4654-40Crossing a Canyon00:03:55
4854-40Lies to Me00:03:14
4954-40Radio Luv Song00:02:08
5054-40Miss You00:04:31
5154-40One Day In Your Life00:04:09
5254-40One Gun00:04:10
5354-40Baby Have Some Faith00:04:29
5454-40Baby Ran00:04:22
5554-40You Don't Get Away (That Easy)00:04:12
5654-40Lost and Lazy00:03:14
5754-40She La00:04:07
5854-40Music Man00:04:10
5954-40Since When00:04:10
6054-40I Go Blind00:02:42