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#Artist nameTrack titleTime 
6154-40Animal In Pain00:02:46
6254-40Love Rush00:03:21
6354-40Easy to Love00:03:44
6554-40Wish I Knew00:02:43
6654-40Blame Your Parents00:04:18
6754-40Big You Up00:03:52
686 Cylinder SymphonyGet It Right00:03:49
697 Year BitchThe Scratch00:01:55
707LionsBorn 2 Run00:03:28
718 GravesHang00:03:33
72888Critical Mistakes00:03:15
74A Certain RatioAlways In Love00:03:44
75A Flock of SeagullsModern Love Is Automatic00:02:43
76A Flock of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song00:03:18
77A Flock of SeagullsTelecommunication00:02:26
78A Flock of SeagullsThe More You Live, The More You Love00:03:41
79A Flock of SeagullsTransfer Affection00:03:38
80A Flock of Seagulls(It's Not Me) Talking00:03:26
81A Flock of SeagullsDon't Ask Me00:02:42
82A Flock of SeagullsMan Made00:03:23
83A Flock of SeagullsMessages00:02:48
84A Flock of SeagullsStanding in the Doorway00:04:36
85A Flock of SeagullsWishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)00:04:00
86A Flock of SeagullsYou Can Run00:04:21
87A Flock of SeagullsNightmares00:04:06
88A Flock of SeagullsI Ran00:03:35
89A HouseCall Me Blue00:02:10
90A Perfect CircleWeak and Powerless00:03:10