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# Artist nameTrack title Request
9451 RustySoul for Sale
9452 RustyWake Me
9453 RustyThe Hockey Song
9454 Ryan HicksOn a Sunday
9455 Ryan HicksThe Same Air
9456 Ryan HicksAll The Love You've Shown Me
9457 Ryan HicksI-5
9458 Ryan HicksNewport
9459 Ryan HicksPrairie Ocean
9460 Ryan HicksPulsing Colours
9461 RykkaMovies
9462 Rymes With OrangeToy Train
9463 Rymes With OrangeShe Forgot to Laugh
9464 Rymes With OrangeShe's the One
9465 RymestoneBody in Bed
9466 Safety JaneDoe
9467 Sahara HotnightsHot Night Crash
9468 Said the WhaleStep Into the Darkness
9469 Said the WhaleCamilo (The Magician)
9470 Said the WhaleHeavy Ceiling
9471 Said the WhaleI Love You
9472 Said the WhaleLoveless
9473 Said the WhaleMother
9474 Said the WhaleWillow
9475 Said the WhaleNothing Makes Me Happy
9476 Said the WhaleUnAmerican
9477 Said the WhaleRecord Shop
9478 Said the WhaleHoney Lungs
9479 Said the WhaleEverything She Touches Is Gold To Me
9480 Said the Whale99 To The Moon

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