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#Artist nameTrack titleTime 
9631Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege00:03:46
9632Yeah Yeah YeahsZero00:03:23
9633Yeah Yeah YeahsY Control00:03:42
9634YeasayerSilly Me00:03:20
9636YeasayerAmbling Alp00:03:50
9637YeasayerI'll Kiss You Tonight00:02:59
9638YeasayerFluttering In The Floodlights00:03:13
9639YeasayerEcstatic Baby00:02:56
9640YelawolfDevil In My Veins00:03:43
9641YelawolfTill It's Gone00:04:34
9642YelloOh Yeah00:03:02
9643YellowcardLights and Sounds00:03:25
9644YellowcardOcean Avenue00:03:15
9645YellowellPut Your Weapons Down00:03:13
9646Yo La TengoYou Can Have It All00:03:59
9647Yo La TengoThe River of Water00:02:25
9648Yo La TengoFor You Too00:04:09
9649YoavClub Thing00:03:31
9650YolaI Don't Wanna Lie00:02:53
9651Young BenjaminsFrom the South00:03:33
9652Young BenjaminsYoung Argument00:02:18
9653Young BenjaminsJasper, Ab.00:03:10
9654Young EmpiresSunshine00:04:18
9655Young EmpiresEnter Through the Sun00:03:21
9656Young EmpiresThe Gates00:03:55
9657Young EmpiresUncover Your Eyes00:03:52
9658Young EmpiresWe Don't Sleep Tonight00:04:01
9659Young EmpiresWhite Doves00:03:33
9660Young GalaxyFactory Flaws00:03:36