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# Artist nameTrack title Request
9811 SilverchairThe Greatest View
9812 Silversun PickupsCircadian Rhythm (Last Dance)
9813 Silversun PickupsLatchkey Kids
9814 Silversun PickupsCannibal
9815 Silversun PickupsLazy Eye
9816 Silversun PickupsNightlight
9817 Silversun PickupsPanic Switch
9818 Silversun PickupsThe Royal We
9819 Silversun PickupsBloody Mary (Nerve Endings)
9820 Silversun PickupsWell Thought Out Twinkles
9821 Silversun PickupsThe Pit
9822 Silversun PickupsLittle Lover's So Polite
9823 Silversun PickupsBroken Bottles
9824 Silversun PickupsSubstitution
9825 Silversun PickupsThere's No Secrets This Year Unavailable
9826 Silversun PickupsDots and Dashes (Enough Already)
9827 Silversun PickupsIt Doesn't Matter Why
9828 Silversun PickupsDon't Know Yet
9829 Silversun PickupsToy Soldiers
9830 Silversun PickupsScared Together
9831 Silversun PickupsEmpty Nest
9832 Silversun PickupsHidden Moon
9833 SilvertideAin't Comin' Home
9834 SilverTwins of FunkFeel Real
9835 Simple MindsDon't You (Forget About Me)
9836 Simple MindsLove Song
9837 Simple MindsNew Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
9838 Simple MindsPromised You A Miracle
9839 Simple MindsSanctify Yourself
9840 Simple MindsSomeone Somewhere (In Summertime)

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