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# Artist nameTrack title Request
9841 Simple MindsWaterfront
9842 Simple MindsAlive and Kicking
9843 Simple MindsSee The Lights
9844 Simple MindsShe's a River
9845 Simple MindsMagic Unavailable
9846 Simple MindsStand By Love
9847 Simple MindsAll The Things She Said
9848 Simple MindsGlittering Prize
9849 Simple MindsI Travel
9850 Simple MindsVision Thing
9851 Simple MindsUp on the Catwalk
9852 Simple PlanMy Christmas List
9853 Simply RedHolding Back The Years
9854 Sinead O'ConnorMandinka
9855 Sinead O'ConnorThe Emperor's New Clothes
9856 Sinead O'ConnorNothing Compares 2 U
9857 Sinead O'ConnorJump in the River
9858 Sinead O'ConnorSuccess Has Made a Failure of Our Home
9859 SinkaneHow Sweet Is Your Love
9860 Siouxsie and the BansheesDazzle
9861 Siouxsie and the BansheesDear Prudence
9862 Siouxsie and the BansheesFace To Face
9863 Siouxsie and the BansheesKiss Them for Me
9864 Siouxsie and the BansheesPeek-a-Boo
9865 Siouxsie and the BansheesThe Passenger
9866 Siouxsie and the BansheesCities in Dust
9867 Siouxsie and the BansheesFear (Of The Unknown)
9868 Siouxsie and the BansheesShadowtime
9869 Siouxsie and the BansheesSpellbound
9870 Siouxsie and the BansheesChristine

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