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# Artist nameTrack title Request
10051 Teenage FanclubWhat You Do To Me
10052 Teenage FanclubHang On
10053 Teenage FanclubThe Concept
10054 Teenage FanclubEverything is Falling Apart
10055 Teenage FanclubHome
10056 Teenage FanclubIn Our Dreams
10057 Teenage FanclubSparky's Dream
10058 Teenage FanclubI'm in Love
10059 Teenage FanclubForeign Land
10060 Teenage FanclubTake the Long Way Round
10061 Teenage FanclubThe Sun Won't Shine On Me
10062 Teenage HeadLet's Shake
10063 Teenage HeadSome Kinda Fun
10064 Teenage HeadSomething On My Mind Unavailable
10065 Teenage HeadTop Down
10066 Teenage KicksCurse Words
10067 Teenage KicksDigging Up Old Bones
10068 Teenage KicksMiddle of the Night
10069 Teenage WristSwallow
10070 Teenage WristDweeb
10071 Teenage WristStoned, Alone
10072 Teenage WristSupermachine
10073 Teenage WristChrome Neon Jesus
10074 Teenage WristMary
10075 Teenage WristSilverspoon
10076 Teenage WristEarth Is A Black Hole
10077 Teenage WristTaste Of Gasoline
10078 Teenage WristYellowbelly
10079 Teenage WristWear U Down
10080 Teenage WristHigh Again

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