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# Artist nameTrack title Request
10051 The Blue StonesGood Ideas
10052 The BluetonesSlight Return
10053 The BluetonesCut Some Rug
10054 The BluetonesNever Going Nowhere
10055 The Boo RadleysWake Up Boo!
10056 The Boo RadleysIt's Lulu
10057 The Boomtown RatsI Don't Like Mondays
10058 The Boomtown RatsShe's So Modern
10059 The Boomtown RatsDrag Me Down
10060 The BotsGirl Problems
10061 The BotsSee It
10062 The BoxOrdinary People
10063 The BoxCarry On
10064 The BoxCloser Together
10065 The BoxMust I Always Remember
10066 The BoxWalk Away
10067 The Boxer RebellionLet's Disappear
10068 The Boxer RebellionDiamonds
10069 The BraveryAn Honest Mistake
10070 The BraveryBelieve
10071 The BraveryFearless
10072 The BraverySlow Poison
10073 The BraveryTime Won't Let Me Go
10074 The BraveryUnconditional
10075 The Break PlansFashionably Late
10076 The BreedersCannonball
10077 The BreedersSaints
10078 The BreedersDivine Hammer
10079 The BreedersDo You Love Me Now?
10080 The Brian Setzer OrchestraJump Jive an' Wail

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