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# Artist nameTrack title  
10231 The Glorious SonsKingdom in My Heart
10232 The Glorious SonsCloser to the Sky
10233 The Glorious SonsHeavy
10234 The Glorious SonsPink Motel
10235 The Glorious SonsDaylight
10236 The Glorious SonsHold Steady
10237 The Go-BetweensStreets of Your Town
10238 The Go-BetweensLove Goes On
10239 The Go-Go'sUnforgiven
10240 The Go-Go'sThe Whole World Lost Its Head
10241 The Go-Go'sHead Over Heels
10242 The Go-Go'sOur Lips Are Sealed
10243 The Go-Go'sWe Got the Beat
10244 The Go-Go'sThis Town
10245 The Go-Go'sVacation
10246 The Go-Go'sClub Zero
10247 The Go! TeamSemicircle Song
10248 The Go! TeamDoing It Right
10249 The Go! TeamLook Outside (A New Year's Coming)
10250 The Go! TeamWorld Remember Me Now
10251 The Go! TeamA Bee Without Its Sting
10252 The GodfathersBirth, School, Work, Death
10253 The GodfathersUnreal World
10254 The Golden PalominosAlive And Living Now
10255 The Grapes of WrathGood to See You
10256 The Grapes of WrathPeace of Mind
10257 The Grapes of WrathAll the Things I Wasn't
10258 The Grapes of WrathDo You Want To Tell Me
10259 The Grapes of WrathI Am Here
10260 The Grapes of WrathWhat Was Going Through My Head

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