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# Artist nameTrack title Request
10291 The D4Heartbreaker
10292 The DamnedStanding On The Edge Of Tomorrow
10293 The DamnedLove Song
10294 The DamnedAlone Again Or
10295 The DamnedSmash It Up
10296 The DamnedNew Rose
10297 The DamnedNeat Neat Neat
10298 The Dandy WarholsYou Are Killing Me
10299 The Dandy WarholsWe Used to Be Friends
10300 The Dandy WarholsBohemian Like You
10301 The Dandy WarholsNot If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth
10302 The Dandy WarholsBe Alright
10303 The Dandy WarholsMotor City Steel
10304 The Dandy WarholsYou Were The Last High
10305 The Dandy WarholsEvery Day Should Be A Holiday
10306 The Dandy WarholsGodless
10307 The DarcysMiracle
10308 The DarcysLook Me in the Eyes
10309 The DarcysSwerve
10310 The DarcysRunning For The Hills
10311 The DarcysWashed Away
10312 The DarcysTrouble Found Me
10313 The DarknessOne Way Ticket Unavailable
10314 The DarknessI Believe in a Thing Called Love
10315 The DarknessLove Is Only A Feeling
10316 The DarknessIs It Just Me?
10317 The Darling BudsCrystal Clear
10318 The Darling BudsLet's Go Round There
10319 The Darling BudsPlease Yourself
10320 The Dead 60sLoaded Gun

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