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# Artist nameTrack title  
10351 The House of LoveYou Don't Understand
10352 The House of LoveShine On
10353 The HousemartinsHappy Hour
10354 The HousemartinsThe People Who Grinned Themselves To Death
10355 The Human LeagueHuman
10356 The Human LeagueMirror Man
10357 The Human League(Keep Feeling) Fascination
10358 The Human LeagueTell Me When
10359 The Human LeagueDon't You Want Me
10360 The Human LeagueHeart Like A Wheel
10361 The Human LeagueLife On Your Own
10362 The Human LeagueThe Lebanon
10363 The HungerVanishing Cream
10364 The Indiana DronesTo Be Free
10365 The Indiana DronesSomeone Else
10366 The InterruptersBy My Side
10367 The InterruptersShe Got Arrested
10368 The InterruptersShe's Kerosene
10369 The InterruptersGave You Everything
10370 The InterruptersIn The Mirror
10371 The InterruptersRaised By Wolves
10372 The Isolation JamsAh! Leah!
10373 The JacksThrew It All Away
10374 The JacksJust A Little Bit
10375 The Jaded Hearts ClubThis Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me)
10376 The Jaded Hearts ClubReach Out I'll Be There
10377 The JamThat's Entertainment
10378 The JamGoing Underground
10379 The JamTown Called Malice
10380 The JamThe Modern World

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