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# Artist nameTrack title  
10921 The SheepdogsLet It All Show
10922 The SheepdogsSame Old Feeling
10923 The SheepdogsTake a Trip
10924 The SheepdogsThe Way It Is
10925 The SheepdogsWho
10926 The SheepdogsI've Got a Hole Where My Heart Should Be
10927 The SheepdogsSaturday Night
10928 The SheepdogsNobody
10929 The SheepdogsKeep on Loving You
10930 The SheepdogsRock and Roll (Ain't No Simple Thing)
10931 The SheepdogsTalk It Over
10932 The SheepdogsFind the Truth
10933 The SheepdogsI Wanna Know You
10934 The SheltersGold
10935 The SheltersYou're Different
10936 The SherlocksWill You Be There?
10937 The SherlocksWaiting
10938 The SherlocksEnd of the Earth
10939 The SherlocksCity Lights
10940 The ShinsDead Alive
10941 The ShinsName For You
10942 The ShinsAustralia
10943 The ShinsIt's Only Life
10944 The ShinsNew Slang
10945 The ShinsPhantom Limb
10946 The ShinsSimple Song
10947 The ShinsThe Rifle's Spiral
10948 The ShinsTurn On Me
10949 The ShinsHalf a Million
10950 The ShinsCherry Hearts

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