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# Artist nameTrack title  
10981 The RevivalistsKeep Going
10982 The RevivalistsAll My Friends
10983 The RevivalistsChange
10984 The RevivalistsOh No
10985 The RockytsAll of the Time
10986 The RomanticsTalking in Your Sleep
10987 The RomanticsWhat I Like About You
10988 The Roper ShowShiny Round Nickel
10989 The Royal ConceptFashion
10990 The Royal ConceptGimme Twice
10991 The Royal ConceptNeed To Know
10992 The Royal FoundryRunning Away
10993 The RubensHoops
10994 The RunawaysCherry Bomb
10995 The Rural Alberta AdvantageWhite Lights
10996 The Rural Alberta AdvantageBeacon Hill
10997 The Rural Alberta AdvantageTerrified
10998 The Rural Alberta AdvantageTornado '87
10999 The Rural Alberta AdvantageBrother
11000 The Rural Alberta AdvantageStamp
11001 The Rural Alberta AdvantageBad Luck Again
11002 The Rural Alberta AdvantageMuscle Relaxants
11003 The Rural Alberta AdvantageCandu
11004 The Rural Alberta AdvantageDon't Haunt This Place
11005 The Rural Alberta AdvantagePlague Dogs
11006 The Saint JohnsLost the Feeling
11007 The SaladsUnhappy
11008 The SaladsGet Loose
11009 The SaladsThe Roth Kung Fu
11010 The SaladsToday Is Your Lucky Day

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