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# Artist nameTrack title  
11011 The SeahorsesLove Is The Law
11012 The SelecterOn My Radio
11013 The SelecterToo Much Pressure
11014 The ShacksThis Strange Effect
11015 The ShamenMove Any Mountain
11016 The SheepdogsBack Down
11017 The SheepdogsBad Lieutenant
11018 The SheepdogsAlright OK
11019 The SheepdogsDowntown
11020 The SheepdogsFeeling Good
11021 The SheepdogsHow Late, How Long
11022 The SheepdogsI Don't Know
11023 The SheepdogsI'm Gonna Be Myself
11024 The SheepdogsLet It All Show
11025 The SheepdogsSame Old Feeling
11026 The SheepdogsTake a Trip
11027 The SheepdogsThe Way It Is
11028 The SheepdogsWho
11029 The SheepdogsI've Got a Hole Where My Heart Should Be
11030 The SheepdogsSaturday Night
11031 The SheepdogsNobody
11032 The SheepdogsKeep on Loving You
11033 The SheepdogsRock and Roll (Ain't No Simple Thing)
11034 The SheepdogsTalk It Over
11035 The SheepdogsFind the Truth
11036 The SheepdogsI Wanna Know You
11037 The SheltersGold
11038 The SheltersYou're Different
11039 The SherlocksWill You Be There?
11040 The SherlocksWaiting

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