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# Artist nameTrack title Request
11971 The SuburbsHey Muse!
11972 The SuburbsLove Is the Law Unavailable
11973 The SubwaysRock and Roll Queen
11974 The SugarcubesHit
11975 The SugarcubesMotorcrash
11976 The SundaysGoodbye
11977 The SundaysHere's Where The Story Ends
11978 The SundaysLove
11979 The SundaysSummertime
11980 The Sunset KidsBrave
11981 The Sunset KidsFantasy
11982 The Sunset KidsOcean Clear
11983 The Sunset KidsVolcano
11984 The SwallowsNot to Be in Love
11985 The SwitchesDrama Queen
11986 The Tea PartyPsychopomp
11987 The Tea PartyTemptation
11988 The Tea PartyFire in the Head
11989 The Tea PartySister Awake
11990 The Tea PartyThe River
11991 The Tea PartyThe Bazaar
11992 The Tea PartyLullaby
11993 The Tea PartyWriting's On the Wall
11994 The Tea PartyAngels
11995 The Tea PartyStargazer
11996 The Tea PartySave Me
11997 The Tea PartyThe Messenger
11998 The Tea PartyHeaven Coming Down
11999 The Tea PartyWalking Wounded
12000 The Tea PartySoulbreaking

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