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# Artist nameTrack title Request
12061 The Tragically HipMy Music At Work
12062 The Tragically HipPoets
12063 The Tragically HipSo Hard Done By
12064 The Tragically HipThree Pistols
12065 The Tragically HipTwist My Arm
12066 The Tragically HipNautical Disaster
12067 The Tragically HipTrickle Down
12068 The Tragically HipEverytime You Go
12069 The Tragically HipGreasy Jungle
12070 The Tragically HipHighway Girl
12071 The Tragically HipSomething On
12072 The Tragically HipOn The Verge
12073 The Tragically HipThe Darkest One
12074 The Tragically HipBumblebee Unavailable
12075 The TrebleWherever You Go
12076 The TrewsHighway of Heroes
12077 The TrewsSing Your Heart Out
12078 The TrewsMan of Two Minds
12079 The TrewsEvery Inambition
12080 The TrewsFleeting Trust
12081 The TrewsTired of Waiting
12082 The TrewsI Can't Say
12083 The TrewsSo She's Leaving
12084 The TrewsHold Me in Your Arms
12085 The TrewsMisery Loves Company
12086 The TrewsYearning
12087 The TrewsParanoid Freak
12088 The TrewsNot Ready to Go
12089 The TrewsBeautiful and Tragic
12090 The TrewsHope & Ruin

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