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# Artist nameTrack title Request
12511 The War on DrugsChange
12512 The War on DrugsOceans of Darkness
12513 The War on DrugsAn Ocean in Between the Waves
12514 The WatchmenAbsolutely Anytime
12515 The WatchmenHoliday (Slow It Down)
12516 The WatchmenAll Uncovered
12517 The WatchmenCracked
12518 The WatchmenMust to Be Free
12519 The WatchmenAny Day Now
12520 The WatchmenBoneyard Tree
12521 The WatchmenStereo
12522 The WatchmenIncarnate
12523 The WatchmenSlomotion
12524 The WatchmenMiss Monday Morning
12525 The WatchmenLusitana
12526 The WatchmenShut Up
12527 The WatchmenWiser
12528 The WatchmenZoom
12529 The WaterboysFisherman's Blues
12530 The WaterboysThe Whole Of The Moon
12531 The WaterboysHow Long Will I Love You?
12532 The WeakerthansCivil Twilight
12533 The WeakerthansTournament of Hearts
12534 The WeakerthansOne Great City!
12535 The WeakerthansThe Reasons
12536 The WeakerthansOur Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris, 1961)
12537 The WeakerthansPlea from a Cat Named Virtute
12538 The Weather StationKept It All to Myself
12539 The Weather StationParking Lot
12540 The WeeklingsI'm On Fire

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