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# Artist nameTrack title Request
12691 The StrutsAnother Hit Of Showmanship
12692 The StrutsFallin' With Me
12693 The StrutsToo Good At Raising Hell
12694 The StrutsPretty Vicious
12695 The StrypesA Good Night's Sleep and a Cab Fare Home
12696 The Style CouncilLong Hot Summer
12697 The Style CouncilMy Ever Changing Moods
12698 The Style CouncilShout to the Top
12699 The StylesGlitter Hits
12700 The SuburbsHey Muse!
12701 The SuburbsLove Is the Law
12702 The SubwaysRock and Roll Queen
12703 The SugarcubesHit
12704 The SugarcubesMotorcrash
12705 The SundaysGoodbye
12706 The SundaysHere's Where The Story Ends
12707 The SundaysLove
12708 The SundaysSummertime
12709 The SundaysYou're Not The Only One I Know
12710 The Sunset KidsBrave
12711 The Sunset KidsFantasy
12712 The Sunset KidsOcean Clear
12713 The Sunset KidsVolcano
12714 The Super Friendz10 Lbs.
12715 The SwallowsNot to Be in Love
12716 The SwitchesDrama Queen
12717 The Tea PartyPsychopomp
12718 The Tea PartyTemptation
12719 The Tea PartyFire in the Head
12720 The Tea PartySister Awake

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