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# Artist nameTrack title Request
12841 WirePrimed and Ready
12842 WireEardrum Buzz
12843 WireKidney Bingos
12844 Wire12XU
12845 Wire TrainI'll Do You
12846 Wolf AliceBaby Ain't Made Of China
12847 Wolf AliceBros
12848 Wolf AliceMoaning Lisa Smile
12849 Wolf AliceDon't Delete The Kisses
12850 Wolf AliceBeautifully Unconventional
12851 Wolf AliceSadboy
12852 Wolf AliceThe Last Man On Earth
12853 Wolf AliceSmile
12854 Wolf AliceHow Can I Make It Ok?
12855 Wolf GangThe King and All of His Men
12856 Wolf ParadeMr. Startup
12857 Wolf ParadeShine a Light
12858 Wolf ParadeValley Boy
12859 Wolf ParadeYou're Dreaming
12860 Wolf ParadeAgainst the Day
12861 Wolf ParadeForest Green Unavailable
12862 Wolf ParadeJulia Take Your Man Home
12863 Wolf ParadeI'll Believe in Anything
12864 Wolf WillowYou're Gone
12865 WolfmotherJoker and the Thief
12866 WolfmotherWoman
12867 WolfmotherWhite Unicorn
12868 WolfmotherNew Moon Rising
12869 Working Men's ClubWidow
12870 Working Men's ClubCircumference

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