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We here at have been broadcasting commercial-free without DJs for nearly six years now, and while we think we do a pretty okay job at it…YOU could help take us to the next level. Do you:

  • Have a passion for indie and alternative music?
  • A microphone and Internet connection?
  • A clear, distinct speaking voice? (No mumbling please, we aren’t a Lil Pump song)
  • A natural ability to entertain others with a wide range of topics (music, news, etc.)?
  • And can commit to a weekly schedule?

Then DJing for our station may be the fit for you! You can broadcast at home without the need for complicated software; as our station is cloud-based, adding your show is as easy as copy and paste.
DJing duties will involve appearing on the station 2 times an hour during your timeslot to entertain us with what you think our listeners would love to hear: are you freaking out over that new King Gizzard album? Perhaps there’s an event in the Regina area you just have to fill us in on, or maybe you want to offer some all-around wacky, interesting banter. While we will be interested in those from the Regina and Saskatchewan, Canada area, our slots are open to anyone from any country.

Please use the following form to apply. You understand that by applying, this is a voluntary position intended for those who have a passion for our station, its music and what it stands for, and wish to uphold those values.

Apply to become a QC DJ!

(We are an indie and alternative rock station. Please keep that in mind when deciding your choices!)

If you are open to applying for more than one shift, please specify in the comments section below.

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