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#Artist nameTrack titleOption to
1...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadRelative Ways
2+44When Your Heart Stops Beating
4070 ShakeGuilty Conscience
5070 ShakeBlack Dress
610,000 ManiacsBecause The Night
710,000 ManiacsEat For Two
810,000 ManiacsLike the Weather
910,000 ManiacsThese Are Days
1010,000 ManiacsTrouble Me
1110,000 ManiacsWhat's The Matter Here
1210,000 ManiacsCandy Everybody Wants
13100 GecsRingtone (Remix)
14100 GecsHollywood Baby
1513 EnginesSmoke and Ashes
1613 EnginesMore
1713 EnginesBeneath My Hand
181990sSee You At The Lights
1920/20Yellow Pills
2022-20sDevil in Me
2226fixStone Killer
232nd GradeVelodrome
242nd GradeFavorite Song
252nd GradeStrung Out On You
2630 Seconds to MarsWalk On Water
2730 Seconds to MarsCloser to the Edge
2830 Seconds to MarsFrom Yesterday
2930 Seconds to MarsKings And Queens
3030 Seconds to MarsThe Kill