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# Artist nameTrack title Request
9721 SparksI Predict
9722 SparksCool Places
9723 SparksLighten Up, Morrissey
9724 Speedy OrtizLean In When I Suffer
9725 Speedy OrtizLucky 88
9726 Speedy OrtizRaising the Skate
9727 Speedy OrtizThe Graduates
9728 Speedy OrtizAmerican Horror
9729 Speedy OrtizYou Hate The Title
9730 Speedy OrtizPlus One
9731 Speedy OrtizScabs
9732 Speedy OrtizGhostwriter
9733 Speedy OrtizRanch vs. Ranch
9734 Spencer Vaughn BandHelp Me
9735 Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can't Be Wrong
9736 Spin DoctorsTwo Princes
9737 SpinnStuck On A Feeling
9738 SpinneretteGhetto Love
9739 SpinneretteBaptized By Fire
9740 Spirit of the BearLive On The Sun
9741 Spirit of the WestPolitical
9742 Spirit of the WestAnd If Venice Is Sinking
9743 Spirit of the WestHome for a Rest
9744 Spirit of the WestTell Me What I Think
9745 Spiritual CrampBetter Off This Way Unavailable
9746 SpiritualizedAlways Together With You
9747 SpiritualizedRun
9748 SpiritualizedElectricity
9749 SpiritualizedHey Jane Unavailable
9750 SpiritualizedDo It All Over Again

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